Our Projects

Solar Pump, Tanzania

We're working on installing a solar powered-water pump in a Tanzanian village to help bring clean drinking water to the community.

Moringa Connect, Ghana (Past)

We helped Moringa Connect, a Ghanaian startup, improve techniques for processing native moringa plants into useful products.

Plastics, Uganda (Past)

We combat plastic bag waste by reforming it into new materials.

Charcoal, D-Lab (Past)

We improve methods of creating charcoal briquetts to provide a cleaner cooking alternative for developing nations.

Get Involved

MIT Engineers Without Borders is a great community of passionate students who care about learning how to make a difference. There's a lot you can do to help us out! Please don't hesitate to contact ewb-exec@mit.edu if you have any questions.

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  • Donate. We can't get much done without funding, and every cent brings us closer to accomplishing our goals! Project costs include material costs, travel reimbursements, and community outreach events.