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In June 2022, 4 of our members traveled to Mkutani, Tanzania to visit our partner community for the first time since 2019 and conduct assessment for our two current projects.

The Health & Sanitation team spoke with village leaders, dispensary staff, and other community members to learn what we can do to make the Mkutani Dispensary a better, safer place for the community as a whole.

The Farm & Irrigation team spoke to the headmaster and a teacher at the Mkutani Primary School about school nutrition, farming, and potential locations for a test garden.


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Upcoming Implementation Trip!

We've been working with the Boston Professional Chapter and the local Mkutani water organization to design a solar powered water pump that will be easier to use and more reliable than the current system. Three of our members will be travelling to Mkutani to help install the pump this upcoming August 2018. Materials, labor, and travel are costly, so we are fundraising to make the trip possible. Please consider donating to our fundraiser to help us out!

Assessment Trip

Our team went on an assessment trip this past January to talk to the community in Mkutani and learn about their lifestyle. Although we initially planned to pursue a water irrigation project, we found that the community didn't want that, and have changed directions to better suit their preferences.